One woman’s success is a success for all women. It is this guiding principle that led me to create link with K.A.T.E.

When I was hired for my first job out of college, I was excited when I was told:

“I always like to hire women, they can multitask much better than men can.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for me to realize the pay disparity between myself and the young men with my same title not only at my company but across my industry. What made things worse was realizing that it didn’t make me more competitive with the young men in my position but with the young women, because there was less room for us at the top, or so I thought.

From a young age, girls are taught to compare ourselves to each other more than we are taught to cheer for each other. There is a reason the movie “Mean Girls” resonates in some way with every single one of us. 

linking with K.A.T.E. is my first step in changing that. 

K.A.T.E. instills the importance of building each other up and ending girl-against-girl bullying in schools by supporting Kind Campaign. 

K.A.T.E. advocates for herself and others by supporting Planned Parenthood. 

K.A.T.E. remains tenacious in the face adversity by supporting TIME'S UP. 

K.A.T.E. continues to learn and give the gift of education to others by supporting Women Who Code. 

K.A.T.E. values the importance of empowering other women, because she knows it does not take away her shine, it actually makes her brighter. 

We are all K.A.T.E. and we are all intrinsically linked.



(+inspiration & support from: mom, dad, ryan, charlotte, mollie, bonnie, bailey, jenna, lauren & kit)